The 411 London

Join us for a spectacular brunch with beer pong and delicious food


It’s not every day you stumble across the best brunch party in London, lucky for you, we have you covered.
Go head-to-head and get involved in some Beer Pong. The first team to clear the table of all opposing cups is the winner!

Here at The 411 we love a competitive spirit, that’s why we encourage you to challenge other teams, slowly working your way round the bar and becoming The 411 Beer Pong Champion!
When it comes to rules, we arn’t too strict. BUT, here are the rules we play by:
1. Elbows behind the table when throwing.
2. Throw until you miss.
3. Trickshot if the ball bounces back to you.
4. Don’t be an idiot.

When booking our Brunch you will have 2 options, option 1 will be 90 minutes of bottomless Beer, Prosecco or Punch + a main brunch dish and a guranteed Beer Pong table. Option 2 will be the same but without the guranteed Beer Pong table.

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