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Join us for a game of Beer Pong at The 411


Craving some beer and good old competition? Here you go! Grab six or ten cups (your choice) and get them in that classic triangle setup on each side of the table. Fill them up with your favourite brew!
Team up and go head to head. Your mission? Get that tiny ping pong ball into the other team’s beer-filled cup. When you do, they’ve got to chug it. I mean, isn’t that the whole point? First team to clear the table of all opposing cups is crowned the Beer Pong Kings or Queens!
Remember, while there are rules, they’re like the Pirate’s Code – more like guidelines. Want to tweak them and add your own rules? Go for it! After all, with beer pong exploding in popularity, who says the rules aren’t meant to change? 

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Here’s a sip of history for you: Where’d beer pong originate? Well, it’s kinda fuzzy. While some argue it’s a child of the 1950s/60s U.S. college scene, others swear it made its debut in the 1970s. Whichever decade you back, one thing’s for sure – this game’s made its mark from American frats to London’s swanky bars.
Oh, and those iconic red cups? Not just a Hollywood gimmick. They’re real, and they’ve crossed the pond. London’s bursting with beer pong joints for you to get your toss on.
For the hardcore fans, there’s even the World Series of Beer Pong, kickstarted in 2006. Competitors here aren’t just in it for fun – they’re playing for cold, hard cash. If they’re not too tipsy to claim it, that is! Keep an eye out for our competitions coming very soon! 
And hey, no need to hop on a flight to get a taste. Just hit up The 411 and dive in. Cheers!

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